A Bike Trail and a Castle

Pratt's Castle Aug 4, 2019

How many times can you say “Good Morning” in a weekend? 100? More? It sure felt like it as we exchanged greetings with our fellow bikers, walkers, and trail travelers.  We biked forty miles this weekend on August 4th, 2019.  On the way, we stopped to take a picture of Pratt’s Castle from the 1930’s on the Fox River trail. Pratt’s castle looked like a fascinating place, so we came home and looked up some more information about it. Check out this article by the Chicago Tribune to see what we learned!

We’d like to know who or why the skeleton was chained in the dungeon there?  It would have been a blast to go inside for a peek, but we missed out by several years on that. Still we wonder… what was it like to live in the castle? Is there a bedroom in the tower?

We hope to see this historic land site continue to be a view along the Fox River trail for many years to come. Remember to always be on the look out for new curious sites. You never know where they might turn up! Keep imagining!

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