Catalyst (Tails of Elbana, #1)

Catalyst Cover

Catalyst (Tails of Elbana, #1)
By Lucy & Lizzy Grimm
Illustrations by: Maggie Robinson
2nd Edition
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Let me tell you the start of a tale of tails, dragon and elbee alike. Nata’s tale was the beginning of so much good, and the end of so much evil. It’s too long a tale for one book, so for now I’ll stick to the beginning. The tale began with young Nata’s first solo journey to find a rare healing ingredient in the hands of a sorcerer. Her only companion was Meeka, the sand dragon that lived with her family.

Read carefully. For even the smallest detail may mean more than one might guess.

© 2017 Cover Art Grimm’s Imaginarium LLC

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Catalyst (Tails of Elbana, #1)

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