Gabby Catches A Wave

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Gabby Catches a Wave – PDF download of the story

Crack… Crack…

Gabby peeked through the crack in his egg. It looked light outside. He could see the trails in the sand left by his brothers and sisters. Gabby liked to be warm, so he had waited to knock on his egg. The warmth comforted him. He wiggled his feet. They felt cramped, so he stretched them out.

Crack… Crack…

First one foot poked through the egg, then the second one followed. Gabby felt the soft sand beneath his feet.

Ah, it was warm….

Encouraged Gabby knocked on the side of his egg.

Crack… Crack…

Gabby blinked. He didn’t know being warm could be so bright. The sun beat down on his shell as he wiggled his feet in the sand. It was soft and warm. A yearning awoke deep inside him. The sea was calling…

Splish… splash…

Gabby put his feet in one of the trails left by his brothers and sisters. He pushed against the sand as he moved forward. Halfway across the sand, he stopped to rest. Gabby was surprised. It was exhausting to walk through the warm sand. A bird’s screech caught his attention, and he looked up.

Gabby trembled…

The sea beckoned him. Somehow, he knew he would be safe in the sea. Gabby didn’t know the warmth could take away the moisture. The sand was hot on the bottom of his feet. He knew he needed to hurry, but the sand was hot and hurt.

Gabby picked up his foot. How could warmth be so uncomfortable? He ploughed through the sand to the beach one step at a time. Finally, Gabby put one foot in the water.


It was cold, but it soothed his hot foot. He let the cool water wash over his feet and tummy.

He waited… and waited…

As a big wave approached, he shoved off the wet sand when the wave crested. It spilled over him, and swept him out to sea.

Gabby rode the wave to safety.


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Logo Illustration by Lizzy Grimm
© 2017 Story Illustration by Pam Quayle
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, businesses, companies, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. This short story is available for free. You can read and show this to as many people as you like, but please do not pass this work off as your own or attempt to sell it.

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