I See Ghosts (E.G.A.D.S., #1)

I See Ghosts (E.G.A.D.S. #1)

I See Ghosts (E.G.A.D.S., #1)
By Lucy & Lizzy Grimm
2nd Edition
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Shades, those strange and terrible creatures of the night. They are masters of spells that trap, and portals that travel. Green light marks them, and ghosts have long been their nemeses. Anna has fallen victim to a shade’s trap, a silver amulet of moon and mother of pearl. Yet, she has a ghost to help her. Scrolls must be found, and spells spoken lest Anna remain a prisoner forever.
© 2016 Cover Art Lizzy Grimm

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I See Ghosts (E.G.A.D.S., #1)

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