I See Mousse (E.G.A.D.S., #2)

I See Mousse (E.G.A.D.S. #1)

I See Mousse (E.G.A.D.S., #2)
By Lucy & Lizzy Grimm
2nd Edition
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Mr. Tumble is so glad that his daughter, Anna, is free of the shade’s spell. Unfortunately, there is a new shade on the loose sending all agents of E.G.A.D.S. into high alert. A mouse shade called Mousse to be precise. A ghost distress signal sends Mr. Tumble and his partner on a ghost rescue mission. Will they succeed or will this shade have a new ghost prisoner?
© 2017 Cover Art Lizzy Grimm

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I See Mousse (E.G.A.D.S., #2)

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