At Grimm's Imaginarium we like to think all genres are out there to be enjoyed. To that end, not only do we not focus on any one genre, but we are likely to mix them together to see where our imagination can take us.

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Spark your imagination

The Caper

The CaperBy Lucy & Lizzy GrimmCover Art by: Lizzy Grimm1st EditionLinks to purchase:EBook version: Ebook.Print version: Amazon (US) If your imagination conjured a paradise, this would fulfill your wildest desires, at least that’s what the brochure for The Caper promised. John found a good deal for a summer escape to appease his wife, after spending…

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Catalyst (Tails of Elbana, #1)

Catalyst (Tails of Elbana, #1) By Lucy & Lizzy Grimm Illustrations by: Maggie Robinson 2nd Edition Direct links to purchase: EBook version: EBook. Print version: Amazon (US) | B&N (US) | Books-a-Million (US) Let me tell you the start of a tale of tails, dragon and elbee alike. Nata’s tale was the…

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I See Rainbows (E.G.A.D.S., #4)

I See Rainbows (E.G.A.D.S., #4) By Lucy & Lizzy Grimm 1st Edition Direct links to purchase: EBook version: EBook. Print version (Coming Soon!) : Amazon (US) | B&N (US) | Books-a-Million (US) A red ecto emergency ping will send Ted and Tess on a new mission. Is Mousse up to…

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Imagination Has No Limits

At Grimm’s Imaginarium we believe that imagination has no limits! As such, we take great pleasure in writing for all types of genres. Our E.G.A.D.S series combines fantasy, science-fiction, and ghost stories, and we are having great fun coming up with exciting places to take that series. The Tails of Elbana series is a fantasy planned quadriology that has one of our favorite mythological creatures: the dragon. Our first book, Ghost Station, focuses on a family that moves into an old haunted house that was part of the underground railroad. But these are not the only genres we have plans to explore!

Visit our site posts for more information about the books, and where you can buy them! Or if you’d like to just go ahead and check out our books on Amazon you can find them on Lizzy’s Amazon Author page.

For the moment, we have books for readers of age 8 and up, and all of our books have a supporting family, whether they be by blood or family of choice. Imagination may have no limits, which brings you great joy, but a good supportive family, even a small one, will extend your happiness in life.

Sparking Your Future Imagination…

Every month, on the 17th, we post a free short story or an addition to our E.G.A.D.S. roleplay for our readers enjoyment. Some other future plans include having more merchandise themed after our books like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc. Keep your eyes peeled, and fingers crossed! Make sure that you subscribe to our site so you never miss out on a free story, new book, or any other exciting news!