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Today was the day! Bitti was waiting for her shipment of carrots from farmer Gregg. His first carrots of the year were always the best. She was going to take them to the Thankful Festival to share with her friends. This year was extra special. She was to share the first thankful gift of the festival.



The gold bell above her door rang. She bustled to the door, where the delivery boy, Sam, stood holding a box.

Bitti smiled. “Hi Sam.”

Sam was a young brown furred rabbit that worked for farmer Gregg.

Sam grinned. “Hi Miss Bitti! Here is a box of farmer Gregg’s best carrots.”

Sam sat the box down beside the fireplace and left. Bitti was so excited as she reached towards the box. She planned to taste just one. But when she opened the box…

It was full of large white eggs.

Bitti sat down, and stared hard at the eggs. “Oh dear, there must have been some sort of mix up with the boxes.”

It was too late to exchange the eggs for carrots. Farmer Greg lived too far away, and the festival was tonight. She wiggled her pink nose, and fluffed her white tail before she rubbed her ears. Her ears always itched when she was thinking.

Bitti smiled. “I know!”

She would decorate them. Bitti took out her paint pots. She picked out the first egg, and put it on a rack from the kitchen. The first egg she painted purple with pink dots, and she reached for the next. Bitti painted swirls, dots, zigs, zags, circles, squares, and triangles on the eggs as she hummed songs to herself. Her fur and pink apron were splattered with a rainbow of colors from all of the paint.

Bitti giggled. “Well, I will certainly be the most colorful rabbit at the festival tonight.”

Thankful Bunny with painted eggsThe last egg was a special egg that she painted a rain cloud on it. She was always thankful for the rain’s promise of growing things. This egg would be placed on the stand at the festival. The festival was an hour away, so she put her paint pots back in the cupboard. She cleaned her fur off as best she could before she put on her pink bonnet and dress. As soon as the eggs were dry, she put them in a yellow basket.

Bitti was ready for the Thankful Festival! She was actually rather thankful for the mix up. It was more work, but she got to make her gifts personal. Her eyes sparkled. Everyone would be expecting her to bring carrots too, so the painted eggs would be a big surprise.

There was a hop in her step as she made her way out the door, where she paused to beam at the rainbow in the sky. Maybe this would be the start of a new Thankful Festival tradition!

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, businesses, companies, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. This short story is available for free. You can read and show this to as many people as you like, but please do not pass this work off as your own or attempt to sell it.

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