New projects Grimm’s Imaginarium is working on in November 2017

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New projects…

So what new projects are going on at Grimm’s Imaginarium? For starters, we are actually Grimm’s Imaginarium LLC officially now, which is exciting, but it was a boatload of work let me tell you. So much research and paperwork. *Shudders* We’re not quite finished getting everything all spiffed up, but it certainly much closer than it was before. We also set up a facebook business page.

But enough of the that. Our current new project is working on setting things up to have a zazzle shop. For those of you that haven’t heard about zazzle, it is a place where you can make all sorts of customizable creations, from clothes to office supplies to all sorts of things. Now, being as we love letting our imaginations run wild, a zazzle shop seemed like a good addition.

What’s going to be offered?

Now, I’m sure you’re all curious just what we are planning on creating in our zazzle store. Right? Right.

Well, of course our first thought was of creating stuff from our books. To that end, we intend to create a product line for the Tails of Elbana series, the E.G.A.D.S. series, and Ghost Station: A Ghost Mystery. So if you were wanting a phone case, notebook, or any other fun things like that, hold on to your socks, or you might end up like poor Fredager looking for your Box of Socks. We will soon be having them up for sale, provided that we don’t run into complications.

But why stop there? We thought it would be great fun to add other designs to our zazzle store. Of course, some seasonal things are a must so we have a snowman design in the wings. A purple snowman to be precise, but we also wanted to make products that celebrate letting your imagination run wild. *Rubs hands together gleefully.* And you know that we say imagination has no limits, so we have a grand verity of things to choose from.

On the writing front…

Don’t think we have forgotten our writing in all this hubbub. We have a new E.G.A.D.S. book that we are getting ready for early next year. The next Tails of Elbana we setup to work on after that. *whispers* Lucy is also working on something else in the young adult section on the sly, but I am not sure when that will be ready.

Whew, that’s a lot of information. And that’s not even everything that we’ve been up too. Keep your eyes peeled, and imaginations primed. You can also subscribe to our site to find out about what’s going on in our corner of the Internet!